How to Save Money while Driving

Whether you’re driving to work, picking up groceries, or dropping your kids off at practice, we heavily rely on our vehicles to take us places around our community in a timely fashion. For the amount of driving we do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, it can sometimes feel like we are visiting the gas station more often than we should. We have five tips to help save on gas for you to consider as you maintain and operate your vehicle.

Slow Down and Drive Efficiently

The need for speed can tempt us to drive fast and zoom around slow-moving vehicles. Practice slowly accelerating once the light turns green or, when stuck in traffic, try coasting your vehicle at a constant slow speed. These tips will help you save gas, energy and frustration on the road. Next time you have the urge to accelerate quickly and brake hard, keep in mind the consequences. that your gas tank will deplete quicker.

Clean your Car

It is very easy to collect trash, clothes, cups and other random items in your car from week to week. While you may forget to bring those items in your house or do not see the need to clean your car out, the effect this has on your gas savings is tremendous. Consider removing any extra, unnecessary weight that you carry in your car. This is just another way to practice being fuel efficient.

Keep up with Car Maintenance

From replacing your air filter to getting your oil changed, these simple car maintenance needs will play a factor in saving money on gas. Other important maintenance needs for your vehicle include inflating your tires, checking your fluids and tuning your engine. Get a head start and call your local auto repair shop today to schedule a tune-up.

Fill Up when Needed

Before your tank hits empty, make sure you are aware of gas stations around you and consider researching who has the lowest gas prices. Driving half way around town just to fill up your gas tank is not worth the hassle, time, and money. And whenever your empty gas light appears on your dashboard, consider completely filling up your vehicle’s tank rather than a few gallons here and there.

Plan your Route

Before leaving for wherever you need to go for the day, look into different routes that bring you straight to your destination. Take a look into routes that have less stop lights, are the shortest in distance, and the fastest travel time. If there happens to be any traffic in your path, consider finding a new route to travel.

Next time you start your engine, remember these gas efficiency tips before leaving your driveway and start saving money on your fill ups.

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