Get Your Car Spring Ready

Spring is here, which means warmer weather and more time exploring the great outdoors. Now is the perfect time to give your car the proper cleaning, inside and out, before you head out for your next adventure. It’s not just a great time to wash, vacuum and clean your car; make sure your car maintenance is up-to-date and completed to ensure smooth travelilng wherever you go! Here are four points of spring car maintenance to keep in mind:


Check Your Oil and Fluids

Whether you change your oil at 3,000 or 5,000 (or more) miles, often times it’s easy to forget or miss an oil change. Check when your last change was and schedule your next appointment. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the other fluids in your vehicle, such as antifreeze, coolant, power steering, and windshield wiper fluid.


Align, Balance and Rotate Your Tires

You usually don’t think about your tires until you’re hit with an unexpected flat. But preventative maintenance can help reduce your risk of tire problems and keep your drive smooth. Getting your wheels are properly aligned, along with rotating and balancing your tires will help prevent flat tires and keep your vehicle stable.

Check Your Battery

Many shops, including us, offer a service that tests the health of your battery. This will show any signs of weakness your battery may have and indicate if you need to get yours changed. Don’t wait to think about your battery until your car won’t start and you’re waiting for a jump. Add this quick and simple test to your next service.

It’s also important to check that your battery is clean and to check for signs of corrosion or leakage. Make sure your battery is able to run at it’s best and most efficient.

Change Your Filters

Spring cleaning is a trigger for many to replace the air filters in your home, but don’t forget about the filters in your car! Air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters and transmission filters are all integral parts of your vehicle running at it’s best. Dirty or clogged filters will affect the performance of your car’s parts and minimize efficiency. Check these often overlooked parts to help ensure peak performance.

It’s easy to let these small maintenance tasks get pushed to the side. Now is the perfect time to get your vehicle working in tip-top shape and ready for your next spring adventure. Schedule your next maintenance appointment online today!


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