Guaranteed Brake Repair Service

Your vehicle’s braking system is the most important safety feature on your vehicle. The brake repair experts at GPS Auto Solutions make sure you start, stop, and slow down as effectively as possible. Our total car care service includes engine maintenance that accelerates you into the fast lane, as well as stops you on a dime. Pay close attention to your brake’s performance, because braking problems can go undetected until it’s too late. Inclement weather, road conditions, and tire conditions can contribute to poor brake performance. Our brake service specialists perform quick but thorough brake check inspection service. We can tell you the true condition of your brakes and let you know which repairs are necessary. Your vehicle’s braking system was designed to give you an early alert for brake service. The first warning signs will be audible. A high-pitched squeal every time you apply your brakes lets you know that you need to bring your vehicle to GPS Auto Solutions in Lodi, CA. This annoying sound can go unnoticed inside a noisy cabin. The second warning will be unmistakable.

Quality Brake Repairs That Last

If you continue to drive your vehicle with a squealing noise, you will eventually hear a metal-on-metal grinding noise. This is an emergency that needs immediate attention. Owners should cease driving their vehicle unless they’re driving directly to GPS Auto Solutions for top-notch brake repair service. It may even be necessary to have your vehicle towed to our facility to avoid doing irreparable damages. When the brake pads have worn all the way through, the metal will be touching the metal. You fast action may save your rotors, but chances are that you will need to replace your rotors if your delay GPS’s brake service. Maintain safe road travel with the effective stopping distance of your braking system. Improve the safety of you, your passenger, and fellow motorists with the quality brake repair service of GPS Auto Solutions.

For Brake Repair Service Today!

Our brake repair experts are waiting for your call! We perform thorough brake inspection services and make sure you’re always safe and road-ready. If you noticed a new brake noise when you drove with the windows down, you should punch us into your GPS. Make us your next destination to ensure safe road travel. Give us a call today at 209-329-7995 to schedule a brake repair service appointment. To save yourself some time, go ahead and pick a day and time that works for you right now. Use our convenient online scheduling system, and we’ll reserve that time for you and your braking system. Any time you’re in the area with a brake service question, concern, or repair need, don’t hesitate to stop on by. Some of our best customers and friends are walk-ins!